giovedì, marzo 31, 2005

Death Becomes Her

Ever wonder about death? I know this subject sounds creepy. But hey, like it or not… we’re going to face this. If not 29 years from now, maybe the next day, or even just after you read this.

No, I’m not trying to scare you.
But, wait… scared?!
Is death that menacing?
I used to think of it that way…
In fact there were days when I always thought that maybe I won’t wake up the next day.
And when the only thing I could do is pray my self to sleep.
Begging Him, not to take my life that day.

But come to think of it.
Death is as close as your own breath.
Death is closer than your blood that flows on your own vein.
Just think about it.
When you’re not breathing, you’re dead.
If your blood stops flowing to your heart or brain, you may as well dead.
Death is as close as our own life and it is not to be feared.

Beside, if you die 29 years from now… it’s not so much different than when you die tomorrow or on any other day.

(For many lives that were -once again- being taken by a Sumtara’s earthquake)

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